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1.Professional Experience
From 1985, we have been providing professional cooling solutions for all kinds of furnaces. As important partner of all the major European and American furnace manufacturers, we have been leading furnace cooling industry for 30 years, today over 2000 Dry Coolers systems are serving all over the world.

2.Customized Engineering
We build systems from small spot cooler to huge central cooling system. Each system is built from a customized design by our professional engineering team based on the furnace character, heat treat process, plant layout, energy efficiency, budget, and other customer preferences. You can’t find two identical Dry Coolers systems in the world!

3.Minimum Operation & Maintenance
Dry Coolers systems are designed and built for low operation and maintenance. The closed loop circulation provides absolute clean water for many years without consumption. The whole system is integrated with intelligent control with PLC and continuous monitoring with pressure/temperature/flow sensors. Once work conditions are set up, the system will take care of itself.

4.Easy Installation
The system is fully integrated and pre-assembled in factory. All necessary valves, controls and gauges are pre-installed. Running field piping and wiring to the system will typically complete the installation.

5.Lifetime Support
Experts are available anytime to answer your questions, we can help trouble shoot on the existing systems, as well as provide consulting for system expanding or modification to meet increased capacity. We offer lifetime technical support to each system we sold.